Case Study: Web Development and Digital Marketing for COMOCO Sacco

As a web development company, we were approached by COMOCO Sacco Society Ltd to help them improve their online presence and streamline their services. COMOCO Sacco Society Ltd is a member-owned financial cooperative that was established in 1977 by employees of C.M.C Motors Ltd. The SACCO has grown over the years, and it currently has over 5,000 members with branches across various towns in Kenya.


Before approaching us, COMOCO Sacco Society Ltd had a basic website that did not reflect their brand identity or services offered. Additionally, the SACCO’s online presence was limited, and they needed to improve their digital services to better serve their members.


We worked closely with COMOCO Sacco Society Ltd to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that aligned with their business objectives. We designed a new website that was optimized for mobile devices and was easy to navigate. The new website also reflected the SACCO’s brand identity and services offered, and we ensured that it was user-friendly to enhance the user experience.

To streamline their services, we developed an online loan application portal that allowed members to apply for loans online. The portal was integrated with the SACCO’s back-end systems, ensuring that loan applications were processed efficiently.

To improve their digital marketing, we developed a social media strategy that included Facebook and Twitter. We created engaging content that highlighted the SACCO’s services and benefits, and we ensured that the content was targeted towards the SACCO’s target audience.


The new website that we developed for COMOCO Sacco Society Ltd has yielded several positive results. The website is now responsive and easy to navigate, making it easier for members to access the website on their mobile devices. The online loan application portal has also improved the SACCO’s loan processing efficiency, resulting in faster loan disbursement.

Our social media strategy has also contributed to the SACCO’s success. The engaging content that we created has increased engagement with members and potential members, resulting in increased inquiries and membership.


Working with our web development company has helped COMOCO Sacco Society Ltd improve their online presence and streamline their services. The new website design, online loan application portal, and social media strategy have contributed to the SACCO’s success and improved their services to members. We continue to work with COMOCO Sacco Society Ltd to ensure that their digital strategy remains up-to-date and continues to meet their needs.