Case Study: Behan & Okero – A Law Practice Website Development

Behan & Okero is a well-known law firm with offices in Kisumu and Nairobi. Since its inception in 1988, the firm has provided high-quality legal services in a variety of fields, including commercial law, civil and criminal litigation. With the firm's expansion to Nairobi in 2018, it has become one of the most sought-after legal firms in Kenya. Behan & Okero has decided to partner with our web development company for the development of their website in order to better serve their clients and establish a strong online presence.

    • Web Development
    • Wordpress, Photoshop, Visual Basic
    • Behan & Okero Advocates
    • October 12, 2021


Behan and Okero approached us with several issues they were having with their online presence. The company’s website was out of date, unresponsive, and difficult to use. Essential features such as search functionality, secure client portals, and online payment gateways were missing from the website. Furthermore, the website was not search engine optimized, making it difficult for potential clients to find the firm online. The company also needed to make sure their website was mobile-friendly and accessible to a wider audience.


Our web development team collaborated closely with Behan and Okero to create a website that met all of their specifications. We began by conducting a thorough analysis of their existing website and identifying areas for improvement. We then created a new website that was modern, responsive, and simple to use. The website was built on a content management system, which made it simple for the company to update content and manage their online presence.

We conducted keyword research and implemented on-page optimization techniques to ensure that the website was search engine optimized. We also built a secure client portal where clients could log in and access their case information, communicate with their lawyers, and make online payments. The website was also designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing it to reach a wider audience.


The new website we created for Behan & Okero produced a number of positive outcomes. The website is now responsive and user-friendly, making it easier for prospective clients to find the information they require. The incorporation of a secure client portal has also made it easier for the firm to manage and communicate with their clients’ cases. The optimization of the website has also resulted in increased traffic to the site, which has led to an increase in inquiries and new clients.


By collaborating with our web development firm, Behan & Okero were able to establish a strong online presence and better serve their clients. The new website that we created has assisted the firm in overcoming its challenges, resulting in increased traffic, improved user experience, and an overall improvement in the firm’s online reputation. We continue to collaborate with Behan & Okero to ensure that their website is up to date and meets their needs.