Case Study: Brand Protection and Positioning for Fine Touch Communication

As a web development firm specializing in brand protection and positioning, Fine Touch Communication approached us to help them improve their online presence and position themselves as industry leaders. Fine Touch Communication offers cutting-edge technology solutions to clients in a variety of industries, and they wanted to highlight their expertise and experience in order to attract more customers.


Prior to contacting us, Fine Touch Communication had a basic website that did not reflect their brand identity or the services they provided. They had also made no investment in digital marketing and had a limited online presence. Furthermore, Fine Touch Communication faced stiff competition in the market from other technology companies, and they needed to differentiate themselves and position themselves as market leaders.


We collaborated closely with XYZ Company to create a comprehensive digital strategy that was in line with their business goals. A new website design that reflected their brand identity and services offered was part of the strategy. The website was designed with a clean and modern layout that was simple to navigate, and we made sure it was search engine optimized to improve its online visibility.

We also created a content marketing strategy that included blog posts and social media updates to position XYZ Company as industry thought leaders. The content provided valuable insights and solutions to their target audience, which increased engagement and drove traffic to their website.

We advised XYZ Company to invest in public relations and communications to strengthen their brand protection. To secure coverage for XYZ Company, we devised a media outreach strategy that included pitching industry publications and influencers. We also suggested that they attend industry events to network and demonstrate their expertise.


The new website we created for XYZ Company produced a number of positive outcomes. The website is now responsive and simple to use, making it easier for potential customers to access it on mobile devices. The website’s search engine optimization has also increased its online visibility, resulting in more traffic and inquiries.

Our content marketing strategy has also helped the company succeed. The blog posts and social media updates have established XYZ Company as industry thought leaders, increasing engagement and driving traffic to their website.

Our public relations and communications strategy has also produced positive results. The media outreach strategy has resulted in coverage for XYZ Company in a variety of industry publications, which has increased their online reputation and credibility. Participating in industry events has also allowed the company to network with potential customers and demonstrate its expertise.


Working with our web development company has assisted XYZ Company in improving their online presence and positioning themselves as industry leaders. Their success has been aided by the new website design, content marketing strategy, and public relations and communications plan, all of which have increased their online visibility and reputation. We continue to collaborate with XYZ Company to ensure that their digital strategy is current and meets their needs.