Case Study: WE Hotel & Suites – Website Development and Digital Marketing

The award-winning WE Hotel & Suites is located in the heart of Westlands, Kenya. The hotel's convenient location makes it a hub for tourists, business travelers, diplomats, and airline crews. The hotel has 66 spacious rooms and suites as well as a variety of facilities and services such as a gym, spa, bar and restaurant, and meeting rooms. The hotel approached us for website development and digital marketing services in order to increase their online presence and attract more customers.


WE Hotel & Suites had an out-of-date website that didn’t reflect the hotel’s brand identity or services. The website lacked essential features such as an online booking system and a responsive design, making it difficult for potential customers to use mobile devices to access the website. Furthermore, the hotel faced stiff competition from other hotels in the area and needed to improve its online visibility in order to attract more customers.


We worked closely with WE Hotel & Suites to create a new website that reflected the hotel’s brand identity and services. We created a modern, responsive design that was simple to use, as well as an online booking system that allowed customers to book rooms and other services directly from the website. We also included a content management system, which allowed the hotel to easily update their website.

We conducted extensive keyword research and implemented on-page optimization techniques to increase the hotel’s online visibility. We also created a social media strategy to boost the hotel’s social media presence and engage potential customers. To improve local SEO and ensure that the hotel appeared in local search results, we created a Google My Business listing.


The new website we created for WE Hotel & Suites produced a number of positive outcomes. The website is now responsive and simple to use, making it easier for potential customers to access it on mobile devices. Customers can now book rooms and other services directly from the website thanks to the online booking system. The hotel’s online visibility has improved, resulting in increased website traffic and bookings.

Our digital marketing services also aided the hotel’s success. The hotel’s social media presence and engagement with potential customers has increased as a result of the social media strategy. The hotel’s local SEO has improved as a result of the Google My Business listing, and it now appears in local search results. The hotel has also received positive feedback on various online platforms, which has helped to boost its online reputation and attract more customers.


Working with our web development company has helped WE Hotel & Suites establish a strong online presence and expand its customer base. The new website we created and the digital marketing services we provided aided the hotel’s success and increased its online visibility. We continue to work with WE Hotel & Suites to ensure that their website is up to date and meets their needs.