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Your one-stop shop for all your design solutions, One of our most valuable assets resides in our team’s ability to enable growth in businesses that seek to either launch, expand into a new market or solidify their legacy. Regularly, working with influential startups and growing brands, Juss Solutions identifies opportunities and develops strategies to generate conversion.


Being a multi-talented creative professional with experience in Graphic Design, Web Design, and User Interface Design, I am delighted to present myself as the designer behind the scenes of this projects posted on this website. With over 10 years of design expertise, I have developed my talents in developing aesthetically appealing and user-friendly designs that leave an impact.

As a graphic designer, I bring an eye for aesthetics, color theory, typography, and layout to the table, ensuring that every visual aspect on the website is aesthetically attractive and consistent with your corporate identity.

As a web designer, I am proficient in front-end development, responsive design, and online performance optimization, which allows me to provide a consistent and engaging user experience across all devices.

I do user research, design wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes, and maintain design consistency to provide intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that improve usability and user pleasure.

My design approach is collaborative and client-centered, since I feel that knowing your unique vision and goals is critical to generating ideas that surpass your expectations. I am dedicated to creating high-quality designs that not only look amazing but also help you achieve your business goals.

I am thrilled to be a part of your design process and to produce designs that will fascinate and inspire your audience. Thank you for considering my graphic design, web design, and user interface design skills for your website.

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Anthony Nicholas

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Simplifying Complexities Across the industry we are known for our expert ability to simplify complex processes and promote clarity. Our beliefs and core competencies in user-focused design across multidisciplinary areas allow for seamless consistency and a greater focus on the details that matter.

Industries Served Healthcare & Pharma, Financial Technology Architecture, Design Fashion, Retail Sport & Lifestyle. Non-Profit Education, NGOs, Government Consulates, Embassies, Trade Agencies, Industrial & Manufacturing Franchise We also love Startups!

A Collaborative Process Juss Solutions is an independent creative agency specialized in graphic design, web design, UI/UX design, Motion Graphics, 3D Renders, branding, SEO and Online Marketing. Our highly focused and goal-oriented team works one-on-one with a portfolio of clients all over the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Kenya. We are proud to take a highly collaborative approach offering targeted creative capabilities across the industry. We Offer Professional design solutions for every occasion at the best prices, E-commerce, awareness, and Businesses amongst others alongside SEO packages, motion graphics and 3D renders tailored to meet every customer’s budget.

Build on values like Sincerity, Trust and Growth we strive to offer our customers the best of creative design solutions tailored for every occasion and to suit your budget. Our businesses with you does not end when you get your product as we provide you with the necessary skills to manage it and a continuous follow up to make sure your project is up to date with new technologies and also we provide marketing services for your product and your business online as a whole.


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